About us

Where we come from and what we believe in.

Where we came from

Our story began in November 2012 when founder Jeroen van den Eerenbeemt realised that his local airport, Eindhoven, had been growing rapidly and had plans for further development. Around the same time parking at Schipol Airport was making the news for all the wrong reasons. Travellers returned to find that their cars had been damaged, parked in residential areas instead of a car park, or even worse, that their cars had been driven withouth their permission while they were away. Jeroen was inspired to start his own investigation into airport parking. He found that customers were being lured with misleading prices at Schipol Airport and that it was difficult to judge online which car parks were trustworthy. Searching for airport parking services across the border in Belgium and Germany was equally difficult, as there was no website offering an overview of all services available. This research gave him the idea to create VliegenenParkeren.nl – a platform allowing customers to find, compare and book reliable parking services based on price transparency in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The website was launched in January 2013. It grew rapidly in traffic with high demand for affordable, high quality airport parking. Jeroen soon realised that he would need help to continue the growth of the company and brought Martijn Meeuws onboard in 2016. They set-up an office in Jeroen’s parents’ garage in Someren-Heide and from 2017 the company began to expand internationally. Today ROOSH is active in 14 countries worldwide across 3 continents – Europe, North America and Australia. Today we operate from Strijp-S, Eindhoven with a team of passionate people.

As a company, we want to create order from chaos and put the traveling consumer in control of making their bookings online. We want to help guide air travelers through this process and provide them with all the information that they need. In the theory of Kevin Lane Keller, a professor who identifies several different brand archetypes, we would be ‘The Ruler’. The Ruler is an effective and efficient problem solver, works hard, is well-structured and has an eye for detail. These ideas shape the identity of the company and as both Jeroen and Martijn are born and raised in Someren-Heide, it is reflected in the company name: Rulers Out Of Someren-Heide – ROOSH.

The garage (Someren-Heide) vs. Our current office (Eindhoven)

Our Mission

We believe that traveling should be easily accessible, affordable and your car should stay safe. This is why we conveniently provide you with the best airport parking options in a transparent matter so you can take your flight with peace of mind.


“We strive to be the most comprehensive platform for airport parking services where air travellers can conveniently find the best option and therefore start their trip with peace of mind.”


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